Ben J. Heijdra
Professor of Economics


I joined the Faculty of Economics and Business of the University of Groningen in the Spring of 1998. Before going to Groningen, I held full-time academic positions at the University of Amsterdam (1993-1998), Erasmus University (1991-1993), Monash University (Australia, 1990-1991), and the University of Tasmania (Australia, 1984-1990). From August 1995 - December 1999, I was the Director of the Netherlands Network of Economics (Netwerk Algemene en Kwantitatieve Economie, or NAKE, in Dutch). I hold Dutch degrees from Erasmus University (Kandidaats [Bachelor], 1977; Doctorandus [Master], 1980) and obtained my doctorate from Simon Fraser University (Canada, Ph.D., 1984).


My research focuses on (what I consider to be) policy-relevant (theoretical) macroeconomics. Topics includė: ageing and macroeconomic performance, annuitization and the macro-economy, and environmental macroeconomics. I am a Senior Researcher of Netspar, a network dedicated to the study of ageing and pension issues. I joined the editorial board of De Economist in January 2005. Founded in 1852, De Economist is one of the oldest surviving professional economics journal in the world. My publications include articles in the American Economic Review, Economic Journal, Journal of Public Economics, International Economic Review, Economics Letters, IMF Staff Papers, Oxford Economic Papers, De Economist, Journal of Macroeconomics, European Journal of Political Economy, Journal of Institutional and Theoretical Economics, International Tax and Public Finance, Journal of Economics, Journal of Economic Dynamics and Control, Resource and Energy Economics, Macroeconomic Dynamics, and Environmental and Resource Economics.


Teaching 2015 - 2016

  • Masters Course (Semester 1a): Macroeconomics for MSc Economics (approach via Nestor, code EBM836C05).

  • Research Masters Course (Semester 1a): Macroeconomic Theory (approach via Nestor, code EBM127A05).

  • Research Masters Course (Semester 2a): Monetary Theory (approach via Nestor, code EBM129A05).

  • Bachelor Course (Semester 2a): Intermediate Macroeconomics (approach via Nestor, code EBB842B05)


My textbook: Foundations of Modern Macroeconomics

  • In July 2009 the second edition of my textbook entitled Foundations of Modern Macroeconomics was published. (Between March 2002 and March 2009, 7177 copies of the first edition were sold worldwide). The second edition is accompanied by a workbook containing questions and model answers (co-authored with Laurie S.M. Reijnders and Ward E. Romp). Here you find the textbook errata and the exercise manual errata.

  • I am currently working on the third edition of Foundations of Modern Macroeconomics that will be published in the Fall of 2016. It is a major revision and will contain lots of additional material. For example, an entire new part of the book will be dedicated to dynamic stochastic general equilibrium models. Unlike the previous two editions, the new book will also use the methods of dynamic programming to solve the stochastic discrete-time models. Quantitative examples will also be included (some of which use Dynare while other are based on Matlab routines). As with the second edition, the new edition is accompanied by a workbook containing questions and model answers.


Supporting sites for the macroeconomics text (second edition)

  • Supporting site for B.J. Heijdra (2009). Foundations of Modern Macroeconomics, Second Ed. (Oxford: Oxford University Press)

  • Supporting site for B.J. Heijdra, L.S.M. Reijnders, and W.E. Romp (2009). Foundations of Modern Macroeconomics, Exercise and Solutions Manual (Oxford: Oxford University Press)


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